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July 29 2012


illicoCard: A Business and Social Networking Site Like No Other

illicoCard can be a fantastic site that delivers professionals the ability to use a social networking designed specifically for them. Through illicoCard they can share and promote their business card along with design the company card and have illicoCard carry out the printing on their behalf. The full service social network and business card printing website is a location where working professionals of varying experience levels and employment sectors may come together to network that will create lasting business and private relationships which will last for years ahead.

Unlike Facebook or MySpace, illicoCard offers a one of a kind social networking site that focuses on business professionals; using the power of illicoCard they can share and promote their business card to boost their presence in the business world that will create connections which will prove advantageous with their career for both the short-term as well as the long-term. Private sector employees are able now more than ever to utilize some great benefits of the web and social network to create their career to raised levels compared to what they believed before. No goal is just too great with no business contact is simply too far with illicoCard.

Like a bonus illicoCard also has an in-house design and check printer in order that business professionals can actually create their business card having a helpful options so that their card reflects their personality, education, experience and career goals. illicoCard’s check printer even offers a Rewards program which allows users to really earn money whenever those invoved with their member network chose to print business cards with illicoCard.

With illicoCard private sector employees are able to connect and grow, changing the face of social media one connection at a time. No more are business careers determined by schlepping from one company to another on foot, trying to gain connections and progress up inside the corporate ladder; illicoCard offers private sector employees all the tools they have to make lasting and career making connections from the comfort of their very own home that will enable them a long lasting presence in the industry world for years to come.
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